Thursday, November 17, 2005

Damned power ballads, take 2

So I go to the chiropractor to get an adjustment and I'm sitting there and they're playing some power ballad.

After All that we've been through,
It all comes down to me and you.
I guess it's meant to be,
Forever you and me, After All.
Now, I've never been a Peter Cetera fan at all and this song has never gotten to me before, but tears started to well up and I had to leave the office right then. I had two employees follow me out, but I told them, "I just can't deal with the music right now" with tears welling up in my eyes and my voice cracking. Geez and I'm this much of a mess when he's still alive.
They used to play dance music, definitely better musak for me these days.

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