Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Take me there...where?

After the last trip to the hospital, H is not allowed to drive for awhile (6 months or so...or until Dr says it's OK). So, I play taxi driver as well.

We were going to his new dentist, whose office he has been to once, but I've never been to. He tells me that its "across the street from the YMCA." So we head there and pull into an office park. We look at the directory. No dentists here. Luckily, H has the dentist's business card in his wallet. The address is across town, less than a mile from our house.

We were going to see his pain doctor in a nearby large city (we live in the 'burbs). I had been to that office before, so I headed there. But when we got close, he said, "No, no. It's over there," pointing at the main hospital tower. I said that I didn't think so, that it was West of hear a few blocks, but OK. We go into the medical tower and nope, no Dr. of that name here...no pain clinic either. We ask around and finally find out that, indeed, the office is where I remember. H was very puzzled at first, claiming that he had never been in this building. But we had both been there together at least 3 times in the past few years.

Hard to realize that you can't depend on someone's memory anymore, even for simple things.

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