Monday, December 11, 2006

A break, a blur, and a crush

So H has been gone for over a week visiting family. A break for me...just me and what I want to think about and do. I had forgotten just how much I do for him. Upon his arrival, a trip to the pharmacy, set up medications, hadn't eaten all day, dinner, variety of home projects (like why the TV suddenly doesn't work...just a loose wire)....

While he was gone, I felt so free, so unencumbered. The time went by so fast and I reveled in the brief freedom that I felt. I felt light, had a smile on my face.

Now I just feel heavy, depressed, like I'm dragging a weight around again.

Many of my aches & pains went away or were much less problematic while he was gone. Now, that stiff neck and sore back are back.

I'm really tired of this.

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