Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A birthday, an upcoming visitation, and a tire

Yesterday was H's birthday and it was a peaceful day at home, thankfully. I made his favorite coconut curry dinner and made some homemade bannana walnut bread. A few cards, a modest gift. A happy birthday song first thing in the morning while he's sitting on the john. Just a typical day.

In a few weeks, we'll have some friends come and visit for a week or so. One of the guys, S, has been here several times already and he's a delightful guest (and a sweet man to boot). His sometimes BF, P, will be coming with for the first time and it will be nice to meet him finally.

H is a bit worried about them coming to visit. He said the other night, "I think that I'll need a wheelchair when I go places with ." What? H tells me that he's having a hard time walking around these days, that his legs aren't working properly...uncoordinated and sore and get very tired quickly. We'll talk with the doctor about this next visit, but my guess is that we're just seeing the progression of the brain damage (walking can become harder).

Make that a spare tire. Sigh. I've been trying to be good, but not good enough. I'm at my all time high weight and while I certainly have gained muscle mass over the past several years, what I'm seeing hanging over my belt is not muscle. Must eat less and exercise more.

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Zacki said...

I'm a newbie and just discovered your blog. I must say it is really amazing, and powerful to read what you write about your experiences. I just wanted to send off a note and let you know it really has touched me and made me think. Reading about someone's experience with the prolonged deterioration of a loved one isn't easy for anyone to absorb, but it certainly makes us each dig down deep and put ourselves in that place.... we wonder what we would do in that situation if we were on either end of the caregiver or patient end of things.