Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back at the keyboard

So sorry for the length between posts recently, but a combo of visitors from out of town staying with us, vacation, and the inevitable dramas at work and at home have kept me crazy busy.

We had two friends stay with us, S & P (sic), for a little over a week, visiting from an unnamed red state. They are both sweethearts and we had a great time with them. It was great to have adults around the house to talk with.

I won't bore y'all with a recount of our activities, but I think the striking pieces about H during this time were twofold:

H was giving me grief about my drinking while we had guests in house. Now, I've been known to put back a few or even more than a few, but I was really pretty much of a lightweight when our guests were here (well, except for the fine scotch and tequila). After a bit of H's comments, asked him, "what's up with this?" After a bit of hemming and hawing, he confessed that he was jealous because he can't drink anymore due to his meds. Of course, I tried to be kind about this, and I told him that I was sorry he can't do that anymore and that it must be very frustrating, especially with scotch, which was our favorite drink for years.

We all went to the "gay area" in our town for a bit of shopping, mens watching, and sunshine…and trying to convince one of the guys, P, that he really needed a PA (we all would pay for it, after all)…no dice though. Anyway, H was really struggling to keep up with us walking. Not just huffing and puffing, but moving so very slowly, like one of those old men that shuffles down the street. At one point, we all realized that he was having trouble, so one of us stayed with him while the other two went off down the street.

The contrast of H, shuffling slowly down the street with a cane that didn't seem to help him, and everyone else on the street was frightening. Sometimes I just forget how ill he is and the comparison to other healthy people shocks me back into reality. Now, if I can just keep from getting angry when that reality intrudes on my little fantasy. I was wanting a day off of fun with our friends and then caregiving rears its ugly head again.

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