Monday, July 30, 2007

Connections missed

  • Neighborhood garden party this weekend given my one of our local lesbians; she's been doing this party for many years now and H and I have gone for many years as well. Except for this year and last year…I didn't feel like going either year.

    So H goes by himself. When he comes back, he talks about how neat it was to see all the gay couples, happy, in love, being physical with one another (kissing, holding hands, etc.). Silence ensues. He then goes on to tell me that he wants what they have…why can't we, he asks? "Maybe they have a better relationship than we do," I say.

    Also, since this is my second year of non-attendance, I get scolded that I just don't like her party and now she thinks so too.

    I want to say, "I'm just reminded of what I'm missing when I see healthy, happy gay couples and so I'd rather stay home than see that. It just makes me sad & angry. And I am so tired of everyone asking how is H's health, telling me how good you look given your health and telling me, 'I just don't know how you do it.'"

    But I say, "Can't you stop ragging on me? Why are you constantly after me? I'm tired of you picking at me all the time." Not the most loving response, but it's the best I can do. Is the truth any better here?

    He's very nice to me the rest of the evening.

  • Voicemail at work today asking me if they should keep H on the waiting list for the nursing facility or remove him, "as it sounds like he is doing very well."

  • Found out that an old flame of mine is now working nearby…a man with whom I had a huge connection. Not looking for nookie, just a friend. So, I drop him an email to get together for coffee to catch up on our respective lives. Silence ensues. Guess not.

  • Sometimes, I have a hard time sleeping and so I go to sleep in our guest room. More often than not, I wake with morning wood. I haven't had morning wood when sleeping with H in many, many years....thought it was just age. Guess my body knows, huh.

  • I’m floating right now, between jobs and very much feeling how far apart H and I really are. Well, I think that I'm finally coming out of denial enough that I feel just how disconnected we are. No anchors at work, no anchors at home, nada. Irritation at the ambiguity coupled with urgency on resolution…enough to make my head explode. Ahhh, Mondays!

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