Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Guilt song trilogy

Low burn

H is coming home in a few days, after spending over two weeks at his sister's house out of state.

I've been sorta beginning to feel fondness for H the past few days…like "Yea, it would be nice to see him." Or even a fleeting, "I wish H were here to share this moment with me," or two.

The weight of my anger and resentment is much lower right now. And so I notice what love that I have for him more.

Before he left, I was so angry that I rarely felt love for him, just obligation and resentment. I am worried that the anger will come raging back when H returns. Without any change, it will.

I am not trying to steal from you

I was just talking with H a few minutes ago. He's asking me if he should find a place near his sister's out of state, "cuz I'm not ready for a hospice or for assisted living."

"Dr. says you are," I say.

"That's not what he told me. ..that was true a long awhile ago. But now you just want to get me out of the house, so that you can get it," he says.

I try to beg off of the topic until he gets home. I tell him that I still think that (place) is the right solution, or something like it because there are big issues here at home. That this isn't sustainable for me anymore. And that everyone seems to have their opinions.

"Then it is over," he says. "You said that this was for better or for worse. If I move down here, then it is divorce…. The amount of care you seem to think I need…well, that's ridiculous. You just want the house."

I object to the word ridiculous.

I beg off, tell him I love him, and say goodbye.

When he gets back, I will try to see what H and I can work out. Something has to change here…if he is doing so well, can he step up?

The bitter aftertaste of denial

I'm getting a sense that the family is minimizing H's disability and gathering the wagons…looking for a place for him to live away from our home and me. I can just hear them cackle about how good he is doing. In some ways, I can't blame them…he's not dying in front of them, after all.

And I know that H will do the best show that he can while he's on his visit. And I will be the bad guy in all of this, even though I've been a "saint" for so many, many years (his family's word). Now, they may think that I'm cheating him…he does. Sigh.

I've been planning on arranging having his family talk with his Dr. and also talk with my shrink. And to get a dementia baseline test done (essential). I guess that I feel a need to build the case…or, at least, smooth the waters?

Truth is, us continuing to live together is hard for me, but easier for everyone else. Living apart is easier for me, but harder for everyone else.

Why is everyone so certain that he doesn't need to go to a facility, that he can live on his own? I have seen little evidence that he can live on his own in the last 3+ years. Was he just being lazy? Why isn't he exhibiting those skills now?

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Robert said...

It will be interesting to see how H behaves when he returns to you. Will he be a new man?

I'm hoping that you will enjoy having him back - even if it's only for a few days until "normality" returns. Eventually his family are going to have to face up to reality, so I think the more info you can give them, the better.

Best wishes...