Saturday, November 17, 2007

And now, marriage counselling

While I'm pretty well-rested at this point, I'm awfully puzzled and annoyed.

Had a long conversation with H's mom yesterday about what is happening here. But, they haven't seen any evidence of his dementia worsening, she tells me, other than he's a bit slow. Now, she's been there all of one day and H has only been at his sister's for two weeks now. Apparently, he's cooking his own meals, but "he does sleep a lot."

I explained how when I've raised placement with H before that he gets all energetic, cleans and polishes, but that this isn't sustainable and that he will poop out and crash after awhile.

Suffice to say that there is a difference between what they've seen and what I've seen. And what is that difference attributable to?

Simple: H is afraid.

She did use the divorce word again and once again I asked her not to use it because it isn't helpful. And it isn't true, besides. How is it that I struggle do this anymore is divorce?

She suggested marriage counseling. We did that 5 years ago, I say. The net was that yup, it's a hard situation and that what love we have for one another is slowly being destroyed by circumstance. Advice at that time was to get out before you end up hating one another.

We'll see how it goes when H gets back this afternoon.

Sheesh….I am so tired of having a drama about my sick partner (again). I so enjoyed the brief respite that I had.

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