Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Do you see what I see?

While H's family may not see what I see, in many ways, it doesn't really matter. They are just playing out a script that they have: it can't be H's health…our son/brother is not dying…it must be you, (a single man's name). They equate me trying to address "he needs more care (really), I need to focus on work, and our relationship is suffering" with divorce.

Ironic that they equate my efforts to help H and me as me wanting to divorce him. Such BS.

H was gone for a few weeks and had been home for about the same when the seizures started again.

Petit mal seizures this time; they got the grand mal seizures under control (finally) about a year or so ago, but he still has minor episodes. They start with just his hand, then his mouth…after a few days, he could not really use his hand, eat without drooling, or even walk down the hallway WITH HIS CANE without bouncing a few times off the walls. And each day he got more and more confused…seen this all before.

We've seen his neurologist, who says, "I don’t know what to do if upping his current meds don't work," in spite of him being one of the top guys in his field in this area. We'll talk with him again tomorrow.

Good news is that H's seizure episode seems to be winding down, but he sleeps even more now with double his regular neuro med dosages.

I find the irony delicious that after H's family told me "he's fine (sic)," H has had another unfortunate episode, which has rendered him unable to care for himself much the past few days (e.g., usually he can dress himself, but I've needed to help him this week). Likely, it will take another week or two for him to bounce back…even so, it seems that with each seizure episode, even "small" ones, he loses ground overall.

I must say that one of H's sisters has been very understanding and supportive. She is the only one of the nuclear family set that hasn't gone on the attack, questioning my judgment, experience, and motives.

The sad thing is that if H and his family don't support me in my efforts to address this situation (instead of denying it further), I may need to actually do a divorce just to get him the care he needs while also saving myself. So much for trying to improve our relationship for the time he has left.

Just one of those great self-fulfilling prophecies…then I really can be the bad guy for the conspiracy theorists.

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Rose said...

Thanks for being so honest. Your insights and the way you convey them are so helpful to me, going through a similar scenario with family who comment after a 5 minute phone call..'but he said he was fine' and not acknowledging that my perception of the rest of the 24 hrs just might be the more accurate.