Saturday, December 08, 2007

When one goes out, the others stay lit

Each year, I care less and less about days of note: Christmas, our anniversary, our birthdays, Valentine's Day. And while I understand that days like these are difficult for many, what is hardest is that I just don't feel like celebrating with H anymore. Why celebrate when you are so profoundly unhappy?

Yet, H wants to celebrate and uses guilt as a way to try to get me there too. Doesn't work. The MO is that if you don't agree with whatever they want, then the guilt comes out to push you there. "You don't want a tree? You've never liked Christmas, it's always a struggle to get you to do anything. "

Now that the seizures are under control and the Holidays are here…no, I really don't want to get a tree and I really don't care about Christmas. More of the same....

Bit by bit our relationship deteriorates and I'm more content than I like, just watching it float by. No kisses in the morning, no kisses going to bed. Another piece gone and then another. Over time, as our life together continues to shrink, only the love remains...for now. I am worried that we will end up hating one another if this goes on.

What the hell am I doing here?

H was crying in the kitchen this morning, "Why is my life this way? I hate my life."


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Robert said...

You've had a stressful year. I hope you survive the holiday season and 2008 sees an improvement in your circumstances. Best wishes!