Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Living your life for me

Wow, so much has happened since I've posted last. I'm happily back to working full time and work is going well for the first time in a long time. My emotional state is better, although I've always got this resignation, this resentment, burbling just below my surface.

H is doing well, although still sleeping a lot; his new anti-viral meds seem to be helping him. He's been on the new meds now for a month or so and I can already see changes in him. He's thinking more clearly and able to help with projects going on at the house. Conversations are mostly less bizarre…although he does have his moments.

What was most striking was a Valentine's Day card that I got from him. Not the card itself, but the thank you he wrote inside, "Thank You for Living Your Life for Me." I was struck by the thank you and the (seeming) acknowledgement of what it costs me.

Maybe I underestimate his understanding sometimes. Maybe I just don't believe it sometimes.

Nonetheless, I'll take the thank you and think about whether it's really true.

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Robert said...

....he wrote inside, "Thank You for Living Your Life for Me."....

That was SO touching!