Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just enjoy him, redux

I wrote last time about how I should just enjoy what time I have with H. I wish that I did. Frankly, most of the time, I just see him as a burden now.

Now that his health is (relatively) good, we don't have a crisis to rally around, to define our time together. And what we have left after all the crises over the past 10 years is less than satisfactory for both of us. How could we both not be affected?

I think that we both struggle with how to be with one another given our roller coaster. Given where we are right now, if H were healthy enough, or thought that he would be for long enough in the future, I know that he would leave me. And that would be OK. In balance, if he hadn't got so sick, then we would not be where we are.

And while I wish that what has happened to us didn't affect us and our relationship so much…it does. How could it not?

On the occasions that we "click," it is delightful to experience the fondness, humor, and love that we have for one another. But those clicks don't happen much anymore.

And so, I find myself not being able to enjoy him very much anymore. It isn't that he's a bad person in any way (he's actually quite a sweetheart), it's just that the challenges with his health and what it's done to him and to me and to us have changed us and our relationship irrevocably.

Simply put, neither one of us is happy, neither one of us gets our needs meet, and neither one of us knows how to proceed from where we are.

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Greg said...

I'm feeling so raw reading your blog. It's all a bit too real at times - things I recognise and things I hope never to face. I thought my stuff was brutally honest, but you're so much more brave, both in what you write and what you do. I wish I had some answers, but I suspect that writing this all down is the most help you can get for yourself out of this. It's that way for me, anyway.

Hugs and Respect