Monday, January 26, 2009

People in the house

We have people coming into our house on a somewhat regular basis...we have a cleaning service that comes in every two weeks (thankfully) and there are usually a few repairfolk coming and going on a somewhat regular basis.

Recently, we got a call about some permit issue related to some improvements that we made last Winter. Seems that the city didn't have a record that the inspections happended, yet we remember they did but can't find the paperwork.

So, the inspector has to come back.

These is the same inspector who H tells me wanted to use our bathroom as soon as he came into the house. Seems they were looking for a certain substance that, while approved for medical use in our state (and H needs and uses it with an Rx), is illegal in this country.

Maybe he just had to pee. I suggested this to H, but "that's just his excuse to go into the back of the house."

So, now H is afraid that they are coming back to the house again, not because the paperwork got lost, but because they are out to bust him and so they're going to be here collecting evidence.

Recently, the house cleaning crew has become suspect. "They keep having new people come over...they're just checking out the house. They're collecting evidence." And so, before they come over, we must scour the house of all visible trace.

I'm very sorry that H lives with so much fear and worry. (I have fears and worries too, but mostly about growing old and that it will get much worse with H over time.)

On one hand, I won't tell him that he's crazy (although I think he is by now) and on the other, I can't tell him that he is right. All I can say is, "Honey, it will be OK. I'll help you put things away."

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