Thursday, August 13, 2009

When he's feeling better

It drives me crazy when I come home, as last night, and H is in a chipper mood and has been doing stuff.

"Doing stuff" in this case means playing with the pets, doing stuff on the computer, and cycling the dishes in the dishwasher. Nothing major for the rest of us, but major for him.

I guess that I should be happy that he is feeling better for that day, but really I just resent it because it's not consistent…and most importantly, that it conflicts with how I've learned to see him and my own resolve with how to move forward.

And just a moment ago, he called me at work to say, "I just called to say I love you."

While the distress and desperation that I often feel is overwhelming, so is the cognitive dissonance.

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David Schantz said...

A lot of times Sue doing stuff means making plans which means more stuff for me to do. The plan for today was to go to the hardware store to get paint swatches. She want's the living room painted. I got a reprieve, it rained last night and it is very humid today. That causes her to have problems with her COPD. So she is staying in to enjoy the AC and watch SyFy on TV. I should be more thankful that she is still able to do stuff and enjoy doing it. We know the time is coming when that will be history.

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