Thursday, January 28, 2010

Family fun

H continues to be down much of the time while we're waiting for his viral load to (hopefully) drop with the new anti-viral meds that he started a few weeks ago. And his dementia continues to get worse now…more of the same, really.

I sent out an email update to his family and told them that three weeks into his new meds, I'm not seeing the turnaround that I've seen prior when he's started new meds.

And I told him about his fixation and abject fear about certain conspiracy theories: "great culling," Bildenberg Group, the US government caused/let 9/11 happen, etc.

I asked them not to encourage him about these topics.Some of them breathlessly talk about these topics without giving anyone a chance to say anything.

What I got back was a whole lot of weirdness (no surprise).

"He's not crazy because he thinks these things are true. I'm worried about what is on Fox News also…everyone should be."…I never said he was crazy or that these things aren't scary. (Ummm, yea Fox News IS scary!)

"I called him this afternoon and he seem very lucid."…not my day-to-day experience.

"My son has OCD paranoia, so I understand how difficult this is to deal with."…uhh, no you don't…you don't have any idea where H is, especially based on a 5 minute conversation.


My whole point was to tell them that he's afraid of these conspiracy theories. And since I care about him and don't want him to be afraid (e.g., not able to sleep at night), they need to help me manage his emotional state. Specifically, stop talking with him about these things…you know who you are!

I'm sending these emails out to give them a regular cadence of information about H. Clearly, they don't like what they're hearing (and I don't like it either). All of this is to give them information so that when things happen (sic), they won't be surprised.

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