Thursday, October 07, 2010

This wonderful feeling

In spite of it all, H and I are better together these days.

Maybe it's that the medical stuff is so routine now...even with new issues... or we've reached some type of d├ętente in our expectations for one another. Or maybe we're both getting closer to acceptance. But on occasion and more regularly, that gentle fondness is there in the forefront and we talk, laugh, and playfully joke with bad puns...just like before.

Oh, and I finally told H just how lonely I am given that he sleeps so much and that I'm tired of being in our house alone...I just have to get out, which disturbed him greatly. I told him that we both wish it was different, but it is what it is.

So, for the past few days, he's been in bed less...up when I get home, sitting in the kitchen while I make dinner...even making some simple joint plans for the weekend…routine stuff that other couples perhaps take for granted, but that we haven't had for so, so long.

While I'm enjoying his company a lot right now, I do find myself being mistrustful that this is just a brief episode that won't last. And a tad pissed off that he's been missing in action for so long (e.g, for much of the past decade). And, for some reason, my grief keeps coming up.

But, all I can do is enjoy it this wonderful feeling while I have it and while I have him.

And, for right now, I am grateful.

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Sorata said...

It is great to see a lighter side of things for you sometimes.

As cliche as it might sounds, we should all just do like what you said, enjoy the moment. Because often enough, we're haunted by our past and fear for the future and completely forgot about the current moment.

Living is about living now, not any other time.