Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween snippets

Family visits
H's dad and youngest sister (G) came for a visit; they live in a far away part of the US.

The occasion was a wonderful soiree for the middle sister's 50th B-day.

G hasn't seen H for over two years now. Before she came up, H told her that he "is not sure he can keep doing this." And when she saw him, she was shocked at how thin and frail he was compared to two years ago, the last time she saw him.

G is wanting to come up to see H again before the end of the calendar year. And I am glad for that because there is no way that H can make the trip down to see her.

My dance card is full, thank you tho'
On a related topic, H has to have his gallbladder removed and they also found an irregular heart beat when they did an endoscopy.

So, off to a cardiologist for a pre-surgery screening (never heard of this before).

I'm terrified that H won't wake up from the surgery and I told him so. He said, "I know, (asm), but it won't be bad for me, I'll be asleep. Know that I love you."

Present is as present does
I strive to be fully present when I'm with H (well, just in general). As a result, I find that I say things I don't expect, such as, "I'm tired of working all the work, at home...I have to do everything's just not fair."

H responds, "I'm sorry..."

"Me too, but I know that you would change it if you could and I would too. But it is what it is, so let's make the best of the time we have."

"Is it OK if I take a nap?" H asks.

"Of course, honey."

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