Monday, December 06, 2010

All H, all the time

Well, I'm trying to give y'all a more balanced view, as not all is bad in my world (although incredibly crazy)...but you know, it is still bleak with H. In many ways, my crazy job is a respite from my caregiving and issues at home. And for that I am glad that I have a distraction.

It just seems that there is always a health crisis/issue with H these days...if it isn't one thing it's another. He's lost 30 lbs due to GI distress, had to have his gallbladder taken out, has had major issues with obtaining some meds, a whole pile of stupid Dr.-related stuff, and serious side effects from some new meds.

Latest is that his virologist is in collusion with his pain Dr. to reduce the amount of pain meds H is on. The pain Dr. upped and upped his pain meds until she talked with his virologist. Now, everyone's in an uproar again.

It nets out to, I work and I deal with his health issues.

Even after having his gallbladder removed, he's not really eating much...even his favorite cinnamon rolls sit on the counter uneaten. And he still sleeps almost all of the time. So, he can't even make a sandwich for himself and won't eat what I leave for him.

I talked with him about how we might need to have someone come in during the day and make certain he eats. He thought it "ridiculous" that someone has to "babysit" him. I told him that Drs have told me to expect that at some point he will not be able to do some aspect of daily living activities and that he will need help.

H said, "Yea, OK, I know that is where I'm headed. I'm sorry. I love you (asm's endearing pet name)."

"I love you too, H."

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