Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tension in the house

We have mildew in our bedroom closet.... Happens pretty every Fall/Winter and we treat it by spraying with Lysol. Works well, but smells a bit.

So, the other night H couldn't sleep in the bedroom due to the Lysol smell, but it didn't bother me, so I slept in our bedroom and he slept in the guest room.

Last night, while we were in the office, one of our cats starts meowing...he does that, he's a Siamese.

H says to the cat, "Oh, honey, are you upset?" Meow. "Are you upset because I slept in the guest room last night?" Meow. "Are you upset because there's so much tension in the house?" Meow.

Truth be told, you can say anything to this cat and he will respond with meow.

H says to me, "There, even the cats are upset with what's going on here."

What can I possibly say to that?


Greg said...

I'd have said "meow" but it wouldn't have helped. I really don't like it when people try to criticize or vent via a pet or another person right in front of me. It's not cute at all.

Sorata said...

I was going to say the "meow" thing as Greg did, but he beat me to it!

I'm glad you didn't say anything to counter that though, I could imagine it turn into an unneccesary argument or fight...