Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday, Monday

Just don't like Valentine's Day (humbug). My (few) single friends don't like it as everyone gets all giddy and romantic with their SO. I've got one of those, but I dislike VD as much, maybe more, than my single friends.

Not because I'm lonely this VD (well, sort of), but because I'm in this tween space…not really involved and not really single. Yet, I feel obligated too and I also want to... do something for H….

Yet, my desire on this Valentine's Day *is* to be a single man.

So, H and I exchanged cards and a bit o' chocolate. A nice acknowledgement without any reference to the sex and romance part. Just the love, then…what a relief.

What isn't there
I work with a bunch of smart people, really smart people. And when you get into a meeting with them, for some reason they focus on what isn't there: here's what's wrong with this, here's what you missed....

Now, this isn't restricted to work certainly, as many folks focus on what they don't have instead of what they have.

I have a friend who is quite wealthy and healthy, has a wonderful man who loves him, several great kids, and more toys and property than anyone could want. But when I see him, all he talks about his how or ex-wife isn't doing this or that, how he's lost money on this or that transaction, how his kids aren't growing up right, and how much he hates living here and wishes he were somewhere else.

As annoying as I find this, I fall into this as well. In fact, I've whined here about my lack, sometimes at great length.

In balance, I'm healthy, well employed in a job I like, and generally a happy person that owns a home and loves my garden and music. No real worries in life other than dealing with H dying, which is a big one.

The tough work for me to reach acceptance and always see the sick and vulnerable man that I love who needs my help instead of seeing what he isn't doing for me (besides it's my job, not his, to make my life work).

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