Tuesday, February 21, 2006

67 things about me

  1. My favorite color is blue
  2. I like fast cars and have owned a few
  3. I like men who are hot, smart, and most importantly, sweet
  4. My garden is my sanctuary
  5. Computers (either at home or at work) eat much of my time
  6. I have more regrets than dreams
  7. I lead with my heart, not my mind
  8. I am prone to depression
  9. I am an only child
  10. I am afraid of what aging will bring
  11. I work out very vigorously at the gym (see above)
  12. I like working out
  13. My favorite foods are: chocolate ice cream, french fries, potato chips, and beer (not in that order) (see above)
  14. I love my cats
  15. Right now, I have no sex life to speak of, although I often have opportunities, and it usually doesn't bother me
  16. I love my partner, even tho' he doesn't meet my needs anymore
  17. I am trying to figure out how to live while I wait for my partner to die
  18. My work seems glamorous & exciting to others, but it is pretty dull to me
  19. My hair doesn't get long, it gets big
  20. I have a hairy chest, tummy, legs, and ass...sometimes I trims, sometimes I don't
  21. I like Pink Floyd (a lot)
  22. I laugh at giant pick up trucks & SUVs, esp those with lift kits (sorry 'bout yer dick!)
  23. I'm afraid of dying alone
  24. I'm afraid of getting seriously ill
  25. I really enjoy public speaking and have done it professionally
  26. I'm very shy and nervous in small social groups
  27. I would like to experiment with a love relationship with a gay couple (I think)
  28. I fantasize about life without a sick partner
  29. I fantasize about living alone
  30. I love computer games, especially The Elder Scrolls series
  31. I love plants of all types and have very little space left for new ones in the house or the garden
  32. I'm told that I look younger than I am (thanks mom 'n' dad!)
  33. My favorite movie is a tie between the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Shining, and Fantastic Planet
  34. My favorite TV show is a tie between Six Feet Under, South Park, and Transgeneration
  35. I'm a geek at heart
  36. I don't care much about the latest fashions, tho' I do like nice clothes
  37. I don't care at all about celebrity gossip, reality shows, or who's who
  38. I would like to try living in Ireland, Scotland, or London
  39. I have no time for bitchy, judgemental, or mean people...so there!
  40. I have lived in Hawaii and decided it was not for me
  41. I love fish and have had aquariums for years, tho' I don't currently have one
  42. I love the feeling of comfortableness (sic) when talking with old friends
  43. I really enjoy good coffee
  44. I rarely enjoy anonymous sex and I say "no" way more than I say "yes"
  45. The way into my pants is through my heart & mind (and having a great body doesn't hurt, either)
  46. I don't kiss and tell
  47. I am versatile, but prefer to top
  48. I have lived in the same house for the past 20+ years
  49. I have very strong intuition and it is more often than not right
  50. I need to listen to my intuition more
  51. I'm a Cancer with Pisces rising and many planets in Leo
  52. I'm pee shy more often than not
  53. I don't consider myself attractive
  54. I am not impressed by how much money someone has, where they live, or what they own
  55. I have a tighty-whitey fetish
  56. I like men and art that make me think
  57. I like to travel
  58. I want to make a contribution to the world that matters
  59. I'm an INFJ
  60. It breaks my heart to see my partner so sick and losing his mind
  61. My mantra for many years (with thanks to Nietzsche): "What does not destroy me utterly makes me stronger"
  62. I've liked boys/men for as long as I can remember
  63. I got in trouble for playing with the neighbor boys' junk
  64. I came out at college when I was 20
  65. I am a butt man
  66. For the first time in my life, I'm actually gaining muscle mass from working out...mostly because I've been eating more (see below)
  67. I no longer have a six pack

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