Tuesday, August 21, 2007

When what I don't say hurts me

Like many guys my age, I've got my share of aches 'n' pains: lower back (especially) from years of sitting and a car wreck and other injuries, neck, & sometimes legs from standing. As a result, I'm pretty good about getting the care that I need: chiropractor, massage, exercise, stretching, etc. All the things that you should do, I guess.

I was whining to my massage therapist about how much my back has been bugging me recently, how I haven't been doing much (resting they call it!), and how I don't understand why it isn't getting better. I asked him if he thought that my back will get better..."Well, you've got this issue going on at home and all that you're holding in is going to cause pain in your body."

So, on top of the dismay at watching someone you love decline, my body is creaking and groaning from the stress.

I know that speaking my truth helps me feel better and holding that truth in makes it worse.

Problem is that I don't want to tell H my truth as I'm worried that it will hurt his feelings. So, it leaks out here and there. And I always feel better afterwards.

Is telling the truth the right thing when the other person probably can't understand it and, even it they could, is there anything that they could do to fix it?

It it worth it to tell the truth for only my sake, then?

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