Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Straight man from heaven

Loving a straight man, we've all done it. I did for many years before I came out and then I just focused on loving gay men. :)

For the past three years, I've been going to a massage therapist for injury treatment work due to a car wreck back then. The massage is the kind that sometimes leaves bruises and hurts more than you can imagine; but it helps more than I ever thought it would to keep this ole body working and working out.

Over time, we've established an intimate bond.

Physically, from the massage, but not from sex.

Emotionally from sharing our stories of his recent divorce & custody issues, my caregiving H, his spiritual path, and our world views. Oh, and we talk and joke about love & sex from a man's perspective. And we laugh and laugh while he works on me. Sometimes cry too.

He has been a gift to me. He introduced me to A Course in Miracles, and only because of that can I even think about forgiveness and love, let alone feel peace sometimes, rather than be mired in anger, fear, pain, and resentment.

It is amazing that the voice spoke through a straight man who causes me so much pain and also helps me so much!

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