Monday, April 20, 2009

Dementially yours

As my head clears up, I'm really noticing how bleak my time with H is…especially on the weekends. And because of my distress at seeing how empty and odd he is/we are, I drank at home to numb out.

While H wants to spend as much time with me as he can, I find that I want to spend as little time with him as I can get away with. I'm in a weekday evening "class" at my local treatment center and, even tho' the classes are a bit dry (sic) at times, they at least get me out of the house in the evenings and talking with other adults. Even AA meetings, in all their bizarreness, are a relief for this reason.

Our time together is reduced to watching TV, smoking cigarettes (started that again, but will stop again), and eating dinner. I'm just bored with him and as we continue this long, slow declining dance together, there just isn't much of him left there. And I feel great distress from this.

Our conversations are pretty much me talking about work and my projects/hobbies and him talking about how he's still angry at his dad because "he never would admit that I'm right," his continual frustration and angst about being ill and having to take meds that make him sick, and reliving and being angry about the past. Oh, and the latest gadget that he found surfing the web that we have to get.

About a week into my treatment class…just as my head was beginning to clear...H told me that he wanted a divorce because I had mistreated him so…"I'll live in a hole if I have to." The next day he told me that he didn't want his medical smoking to cause us to break up because he knows that when folks get sober, they often have to cut all prior ties to stay that way.

Over the past several years, I made the transition from lover/partner to friend/caregiver emotionally. But I was too drunk to really notice it happening bit by bit. Now I see it. H readily accepts my friendship and care, and he clearly benefits from this. But H still thinks that I'm his lover/partner, which I no longer am in my mind and heart, even tho' I love him a great deal.

I don't have the heart to put this change in his face...he'd forget the conversation every day I dance around the rotting elephant in every room.

If he were not demented, I would just tell him or he could see what has occurred…that wouldn't lessen the impact, mind you. But given how he is, he can't see it, doesn't remember what happended, and continues to live in a distant corner of the Twilight Zone, expecting, hoping that when I'm sober long enough I'll come around again.

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elanor said...

thats so sad for both of you. You are very honest to be looking at this and how it has affected you, and is shows that you have loved him a great deal to have kept caring for him over the years.

what an awful illness this is, it just steals everything away from us. It's nobodies fault, you've done the best you could over the years. Time to take care of yourself at the moment ((hugs))