Thursday, June 18, 2009

The thing about the hat

H and I went to our friend C's b-day party a week or so ago. She's 86 now.

While we were there, H told me that he was feeling bad vibes from the crowd and that C had likely told them bad things about him. I told H, "Well, if there's an issue, give them the responsibility to bring it up…otherwise, let's enjoy ourselves."

Later, H talked about how the bad vibes at the party must be because he wore a hat when outside during the party. Now, it was a very stylin' hat, a modern take on a nice fedora. He said, "They're from a different era and must not have liked me wearing my hat."

For the next 5 days, C called us several times, but H refused to answer the phone when she called and he didn't want me to answer it either. And he went on and on about how C is just cranky and wants to chew him out about wearing the hat. I tried to talk him down, telling him that "you don't know that's the issue…." But of course, that was the issue for him.

"I just know she wants to chew me out about wearing the hat," he says.

Finally, he decided to call C to "spoil her little game."

As it turns out, C wanted to thank us for coming to the party and to tell him how much she enjoyed the flowers that we sent to her home. No mention of the hat.

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