Saturday, June 13, 2009

How to wash

Since i've been so busy recently at work and H is on a break from his anti-viral meds that make him feel so ill, he's been trying to help more around the house.

I really appreciate all the help I can get and give him losts of positive reinforcement for any help at all, even unloading the dishwasher and bringing up the empty garbage cans from the street.

Last night when I came home from work and the gym, he was starting to do laundry. He asked me how I do it.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"How do you use the dial? Don't you start at the top?"

Our washer has 3 cycles (heavy, light, and delicate) on a big dial. I showed him each of the cycles and told him what each was for.

I told him about the dial for about 5 minutes trying this tack and that. You "don't always have to start at the top of the dial," but that you pick the cycle based on the clothes and how dirty they are. And sometimes, where you start is not at the top of the dial. It just depends....

He was very puzzled and more than a bit agitated at this point. Clearly, he was frustrated.

I finally said, "For most things you can just start at the top of the dial."

"Oh, OK, now I get it," he says smiling. "I've already washed one load, you know."

This is a man with two college degrees and was once one of the smartest people I know. Now, laundry seems daunting.

He has noticed that he hasn't rebounded (energy and thinking) like he has in the past when he took an anti-viral med holiday. I agree with his self-assessment. He asked me this morning if I was worried about this.

"No honey, I'm not. Give yourself some time off the meds. You know that you have good days and not so good days. You'll be just fine."

"Good, I'm glad to hear that," he says smiling.

But I know he won't. And I'm scared and sad about it.

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