Monday, February 23, 2009

Heal me

H's family has always been seekers, looking for alternative healing methods that include both the profound and the silly. Profound in terms of how we create and can change our reality and silly like a burbling mason jar of fungus has healing properties or pads that remove toxins from the bottom of your feet.

While these methods may or may not work, they pursue them with a vigor that some reserve for their most favored hobbies or passions.

Recently, H's little sister has been interested in a form of long-distance healing. She's taking some classes and others in the family are interested also.

So, H says to me last night, "They're learning this (healing technique) for me, you know."

"Yes, honey, they love you very much and want to help."

He says, "I just don't know if it could help or not…."

"Well, if it does, it would be a miracle. Not that I don't believe in miracles…just that it would take one to make you healthy again."

H says, "I really need two miracles: one to get me well and one to get a good job so I can get on with my life."

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