Monday, March 02, 2009

Thank you

I wanted to say thank you to all of you folks out there who read the blog.

It's very helpful to know that someone is out there listening.

And I'm grateful that you spend time reading my entries, doleful tho' they often are, and supporting me in your thoughts, prayers, and comments.


Anonymous said...

After seeing your link randomly in the universe of blogs, I have been following your account periodically. I hope you will have the strength and will to make the right choices for yourself.

Y | O | Y said...

You're in a tough spot.

I wish more nonchalant folks (barebackers) who think HIV/AIDS is a pill-a-day disease would come here and read about your reality. I wish they could have seen my ex with night sweats, shit the bed, and give himself painful injections into his stomach muscles.

Maybe this blog will make someone reconsider what they do and save themselves and their loved ones a life full of pain and grief.

Hang in there!

Greg said...

I read all your posts. I'm sorry that I don't comment very often, but I mostly cannot think of a thing I could say that isn't trite in comparison to what you've just told us. I'm out of my depth. But I read, and I do think of you (both) and the situation you find yourself in, and my thoughts are with you.

ChickPea said...

Hi ASM - as ever, risking sounding trite, I salute your blog, and salute you. I too am out of my depth. Like Greg I read all your posts, and think of you often. it is an honour to be allowed to listen. Thank you. love n hugs, x

Anonymous said...

I too have been lurking, and have read all your posts. I am deeply humbled before your courage, patience and love. On days when I despair of the human race, people like you remind me of our better side. All the best to you and H.