Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday snippets and !s

We had a nurse come to the house today to evaluate H for home visits to help with his meds. It's always striking to have a cogent adult in the house and compare H to that. And I realize how lost H would be without my help with all the paperwork and questions. The first nursing visit will be later this week!

Someone asked me once how my birthday was, I said automatically, "Fine thanks…just another day with a hangover." Well, I've not had a hangover every day for a week or two and I'm realizing just how impaired I have been. Wow. My mind is working again and I'm getting stuff done at work. I have energy and my quick wit is returning. And I've lost 7 pounds!

Local sister is taking care of H's dinners for the next month or so while I'm at evening sessions. I've talked with her and all is set up. I felt elation, yes elation, when H asked me how it was going to work and I said, "We've talked and it's all set up, but you need to talk with sister to find out the particulars." How nice to pass the buck!

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Greg said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're getting on top of things again. It's so easy to listen to that voice telling you that problems are insurmountable, but when you turn a corner like this it so many other things can fall into place and life takes on a new momentum. Good luck with your evening sessions