Thursday, October 18, 2007

Coming home to a clean house

Must keep entries shorter….

Got home from work yesterday and found a very, very clean house. As in, I didn't know we still had a cleaning service. Not a service, of course, but H showing me how he can contribute.

I appreciate the help, as always, and tell him so. I also tell him that he doesn't have to do this for me to love him. I also tell him that this has happened before: I talk with him about going to (place) and for the next few days, he's all a whirlwind of activity. I predict that this his activity will wind down shortly, as it has in the past.

Very strange, day before yesterday, H didn't know what to do in the kitchen. Now the house is spotless (no telling how long it took for him to clean it up).

So, to briefly review the past week (whew!):

- Talked with his doctor and he agreed that H needs to go to (place) and will sign a leave authorization for me when the time comes.
- I talked with (place) and have the application in process (will mail today, hopefully)
- I talked with H about what is happening
- I talked with his mom and sisters about what is happening (no one is happy about this, of course, but they support my decision)
- I'm investigating alternatives to (place) as due diligence

And dreams: on a roller coaster and I hear a voice behind me, "This is where it's really scary." And then freefall, stomach in your mouth, and scary screaming and lots of joyous laughter.

My emotions are all over the map: Shell shocked, excited, guilty, sad, upset, elated, anxious, worried, upbeat, grief-striken at times, confident, tired, compassion. In some ways, I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, except I've never felt guilty about being excited about Christmas.

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Y | O | Y said...

Ya gotta love the mom and sisters. Did any of them step up and volunteer to take him, even for a week? They need to put up, or shut up!