Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An upcoming appointment

On Friday this week, I have an appointment to talk with H's doctor (without H being there).

My plan is to talk with his doctor about how I just can't do this anymore…I just can't live with H anymore.

H said that he won't go until his doctor tells him. OK.

What goodwill and love that we have left is being poisoned. The situation is bad for our relationship and I don't want to get PO'd and then just kick H out of the house.

I believe that H needs more care than he gets or than he can admit to needing.

I need to focus on work. I am still in trouble here and don’t know if I can pull it out. I am not certain if I really care all that much anymore either way.

As long as we are living together, I can't help but be his caregiver and I am exhausted. Maybe it's just respite care that I need…but I doubt it. Well, maybe if I could find respite care for 6 months and then decide…ha!

In any case, I need a break from H and I need a break from work at the same time. But first things first….

I am worried that this will hurt his feelings, but I don't know what else to do. I'm typically an emotional wreck, my health is suffering, my work is suffering…life does not have to be like this. And so I have to change it because he cannot.

Do I have the strength to see this through (with thanks to Robert)? I think so…I’m going to make a run at it.

But when I step back from my anxiety and my worries about how H will see this, I feel like it is the right thing to do. And when I entertain the fantasy of him living somewhere else and me free from some of the responsibility (and yet still able to love him), I feel lighter and even, dare I say, optimistic about life again.

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